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Most professional wrestling does not take place on cable television and us diehard professional wrestling fans know that. Grab a steel chair, strap in with some barb wire and let’s get to picking the indies and all the other professional wrestling other than the cable TV guys!

Check our recent results, the OPW (Other Pro Wrestling) exclusive monthly leaderboard AND PREDICT UPCOMING INDEPENDENT, FOREIGN AND OTHER PRO-WRESTLIN G SHOWS!

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This Month's
Top 25 Indie + OPW Pickers

#1 jstud_ 23

(2022) Monthly (5 Belts) x3
(2022) Weekly (15 Belts) x5 x5 x5
Pay-Per-View (28 Belts) x11 x8 x9
Secret Belts Zero

#2 BDinka10 21

(2022) Monthly (6 Belts) x2 x2 x2
(2022) Weekly (21 Belts) x4 x11 x6
Pay-Per-View (30 Belts) x8 x10 x12
Secret Belts Zero

#3 JC_1993 20

(2022) Monthly (0 Belts) Zero
(2022) Weekly (4 Belts) x2
Pay-Per-View (7 Belts) x2 x2 x3
Secret Belts Zero

#4 CRXWR1 15

(2022) Monthly (2 Belts)
(2022) Weekly (1 Belts)
Pay-Per-View (12 Belts) x5 x4 x3
Secret Belts Zero

#5 Hershey Skwertz 15

(2022) Monthly (0 Belts) Zero
(2022) Weekly (1 Belts)
Pay-Per-View (14 Belts) x5 x2 x7
Secret Belts Zero

#6 Ceza 14

(2022) Monthly (1 Belts)
(2022) Weekly (6 Belts) x4
Pay-Per-View (11 Belts) x3 x4 x4
Secret Belts Zero

#7 David Glynn 13

(2022) Monthly (3 Belts) x2
(2022) Weekly (12 Belts) x3 x4 x5
Pay-Per-View (14 Belts) x5 x6 x3
Secret Belts Zero

#8 Almighty Kush 12

(2022) Monthly (0 Belts) Zero
(2022) Weekly (0 Belts) Zero
Pay-Per-View (0 Belts) Zero
Secret Belts Zero